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Cardio Registry

Welcome to SwissCaRe, the Swiss registry for coronary angiography and angioplasty (heart catheter treatments)

Coronary angioplasty (expansion/restoration of constricted coronary arteries) and associated coronary angiography imaging are by far the most common invasive cardiovascular procedures.

The national quality registry SwissCaRe (Swiss Cardiology Registry) aims to record all Swiss heart catheter treatments. In addition to data on the treatment itself, information on the indication for treatment and post-treatment medication is also collected. Since the data collected are personal health data of patients, the consent of each individual patient is required for the collection of the data. By collecting this information, SwissCaRe creates the basis for evaluation and long-term improvement of the quality of treatment and care within Switzerland.

SwissCaRe was launched in 2022 by the Swiss Society of Cardiology (SSC) and its Working Group on Interventional Cardiology to meet the increasing demands for medical quality assurance and improvement from the medical profession, authorities and society. The SSC is the professional association of Swiss cardiologists and a scientific association according to Art. 60 ff. of the Swiss Civil Code. SwissCaRe is managed by SwissRDL on behalf of the SSC. SwissRDL is a service provider of the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine of the University of Bern, which has great experience in managing medical registries.

You can download the current forms here.

The SwissCaRe consent paragraph is now also included in the updated "Informed Consent for CA & PCI" by the Swiss Heart Foundation.

The user manual provides you with information on user administration, recording patients and treatments, and more.

This webinar contains the most important information about the registry and how to work with it.

We are happy to conduct live webinars for your clinic. Your clinic administrator is welcome to contact us for this purpose.

CardioReport users: This webinar and this manual contain specific information on how to use CardioReport XP to send data to SwissCaRe.


General questions about the registry:+41 (0)76 759 22 03luisa.schaefer[at]swisscardio.ch
User support requests:+41 (0)31 684 55 94
Technical requests:+41 (0)31 684 56 40


SwissCaRe is mainly funded by the Swiss Society of Cardiology and its Working Group on Interventional Cardiology. The entering hospitals bear the costs for data collection and entry. In addition, SwissCaRe is supported by industry partners:

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Novo Nordisk


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Vascular Medical




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Boston Scientific